What to do for year end reporting 2017?

Hire a bookkeeper to help with your reporting of the past year.

There are many forms to complete, depending on the volume of your business.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax Returns

We do bookkeeping for small business making under $500 k including corporations.

We are expertise, answer year end question.

To help you on the many standards, regulations, and logistics involved with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns.

Although we do not perform the role of the Certified Chartered Accountant, we can help do the day to day bookkeeping to present to the Accountant – thus lowering your accounting fees.

We can help with your year end payroll reporting:

  • Reporting of accumulative information for the Annual Reports or Information Returns
  • Help with T4’s and T4A’s and confirming the NET PAY, STATUTORY DEDUCTIONS, HEALTH INSURANCE, PENSION AND TAX REMITTANCES (all due by Feb 28, 2018.)
  • Calculating final figures for compensation premiums for the annual compensation forms.  This form is also due in February 2018.

Tax Returns

We can help file your Tax Return(s) – current or prior years – for Personal and Business.  The filing deadline is April 30, 2018.  When selling Principal Residence proceeds are reported on your tax return starting 2016, the years you had rental income requires the calculation the Capital Gains.

If you are looking to purchase RRSP, you have the 1st 60 days in 2018 to make the contribution and reap the rewards of tax savings on your 2017 return.   It is too late planning prior years, file yearly – KEEP current tax planning.

Behind in your taxes? Never miss another deadline.

We can help file tax returns for the past 10 years.  The deadline for filing 2008 tax returns is January 20, 2019.**If you need help catching up, contact us today!

For businesses with 1 – 3 owners, the payment is due on April 30 of the following calendar year along with the GST/HST payments.  The tax return due date is extended to June 15th – which is the deadline to file the Business Activities Statement for your business or partnership.

For other deadlines, such as payroll, compensations, GST – see this article: Government Deadlines – what you need to know

Keep ahead of the bookkeeping

Like to help you with those deadlines by reporting daily, quarterly, monthly or yearly.

Contact Ina for a free consultation and let us worry about your year-end paperwork.

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