Victoria Day ! Happy Birthday Observances

Happy Victoria Day! Queen Victoria Birthday.

This is the weekend before 25 May is an observance – Queen’s Victoria birthday in June.

Here you maybe asking about, statutory holidays, looking to travel or camping this long weekend.

Need to know about your holiday pay for this statutory Holiday?

You will be paid for this a statutory holiday, if you worked before the holiday.

  • 30 days as a full-time employee in last month
  • 15 days as a part-time employee in last month
  • You pay rate will change all depending – did not work or worked on this holiday.

Did not work is holiday pay is regular time. You are working pay is time & a half or double time.

Planning your vacation for summer or winter?

As an employee working in past 12 months you qualify for vacation leave is 2 weeks or 3 weeks, all depending on your length of service is less or more than 5 years. For more information about your vacation pay 4% or 6% accumulated or retained. (more about vacation paid or owed)

It is a good time to plan your vacation.

Many businesses are planning for vacation for summer breaks by asking employee about their family travel plans.

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