Are you registered for Sales Taxes?

You must register for GST/HST Sales Taxes if your revenue exceeds the threshold amount in a single year – defined as 4 consecutive
quarters. Once you cross the threshold, you will have 29 days to register and begin collecting GST/HST.

After you register for GST/HST, you must collect it on all taxable sales. You are also eligible to claim, “Input Tax Credits” for any GST/HST you pay on your business purchases.

You will also need to file a GST/HST return – monthly, quarterly or annually. You must wait one year before unregistering the GST/HST account if you are no longer using the account.

Need Help! Filing and Paying GST&HST Sales Taxes?

We can have your get your bookkeeping caught, so that you can filing and pay your Sales Taxes on time.

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