Need Help! Real Esate Agent

Are you helping homeowners in buying properties?

It been a struggle in getting the right finances, understanding the new housing rules for new homeowners.

A Real Estate Agent Helps negotiating a sale! There were a LOT of surprises in home ownership, and most were not just unpleasant, but expensive.

Understanding if Real Estate Agents needs to incorporate, what happens opperating a sole propriotorship?

Helping real estate agents

We calculate your taxes, ensuring that you get all the employee expense deductions you are entitled to. We are experts at dealing with high earners who have commission-based income.

If you owe taxes, we can help you find ways to reduce or defer what you owe with good tax planning.

While you’re busy building your business, Hands on Accounting will take responsibility your bookkeeping and personal tax returns.

  • We can look after all of your bookkeeping needs – keeping your expenses up to date and helping with current or capital expenditures.
  • We transform your slips, bills and papers into an accurate reporting of your business cash flow, assets and liability, so you make sound financial decisions for the future.
  • We help you with your federal and provincial sales taxes.
  • We always do an in-depth review to make sure that you can reduce any taxes owed or get a larger refund.
  • If you have employees, we look after your payroll.

You’re in a complex sector that experiences substantial fluctuations in income, with financial and legal implications. Click on the button for a FREE consultation to discuss your business plans.

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