Need Help “Filing Tax Returns”? Professional Tax Services

How to sign-up “Tax Returns”?

Not sure how to complete your tax return?

You can hire us to look after the tax returns, bookkeeping or payroll.

We review your taxes situation with you, so that you know:

  • What deductions to claim?
  • When to use tax shelters?

We can complete your current or past years tax return if you have not file tax returns in the last 10 years. We help you to qualify for deductions or tax credits so you pay less taxes or get a larger refund.

*New client if you want to get started *Simply fill out this form:  Representative Request Form , so we can get started in preparing your taxes.

We can do your taxes returns for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and all prior years.

All prior years are 2007 to 2012, we will arrange a meeting to collect the paperwork.

Let us help you get caught up

We have worked with many taxpayers who have fallen behind on filing and paying their taxes.

You’re Not Alone! You are one of many who are in this situation, today to get started


*Simply fill out this form:  Representative Request Form , no delay in filing your taxes.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation.

Tax Return prices starts at:

Basic Tax Return $75.00

Business Statements Tax Return $250.00 *

To Learn more *about our tax services, contact Ina.

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