NEED TO LEARN! More about bookkeeping.

Why not use our hands on bookkeeping services, if you are…?

Not understanding all the bookkeeping processes, you require for your company.

We help you to understand bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is one of the simplest, easiest and most inexpensive to outsource – costly if not done properly!

When you buy product from vendors?

The goods purchased are listed on a packing slip showing the goods received on this delivery.   A copy of the packing slip and delivery slip is given to the bookkeeper to be matched with the vendor bill for billing which updates accounts payable.   It is important to verify the cost on the goods purchases for resale to customers pricing and perform monthly inventory counts.

Then the bookkeeper will update the inventory, vendor accounts payable and look at unpaid bills – perform a cheque run.

Your customer requests for product.

A customer order is entered items are picketed (picketing ticket) to complete the order a packing slip is shipped with the order.  When you create a customer invoice it has the sale price for accounting, it moves the items on the packing slip from inventory into Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) and updates the accounts receivables all unpaid customer payments.

When a payment is received  from you customer this payment is applied against the outstanding customer invoices and deposit are made.

The bookkeeper helps with, applying customer payments, bank deposits, purchases, and account terms and/or credit limits.

Take the stress away from managing your payroll?

Doing the payroll for you, so that you no longer need to worry when you are behind on Government payments?   It is important that your bookkeeper is current with all the rules, regulations and standards for payments to your employees.

We take care of the workers compensation, sub-contractor forms if you are hiring contractors or consultants.

Get help with year end?

When you outsource the bookkeeping to us we do the bookkeeping for your company.   We have a certain way of processing the bookkeeping, by using our knowledge of best bookkeeping practice the paperwork is double checked for accurate financial reports.

All depending on the previous bookkeeping entries require fixing or making adjusting entries on current and prior years bookkeeping – it takes about 6 months or more to do this for you.

Let you know how the process works by looking at the paperwork and asking questions – daily or monthly if applicable.



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