Having problem calculating tax return? Here are 7 things a Tax Professional can help you with:

File tax return sooner, rather than later, can help you avoid pitfalls in paying your taxes or getting a refund.

Having problem calculating tax return?  Here are 7 things a Tax Professional can help you with:

1. Never miss another deadline – file on time

You have until April 30 the following year to file tax return in Canada, to ensure you get the tax credits – file every year.

You can file the tax return for the past 10 years, you have until January to file 2007.

NEVER MISS filing your tax returns – more taxes.

2. We do the calculations for you

Look after the filing of your tax returns, for the current and prior years.

Don’t have the time to file your tax return, we do this for you.

3. Get the Tax Credits you are entitled to

We help you get the tax credits, you are entitled to.  Bring us following supporting documents,

  • Supporting dependent
  • Medical Expenses
  • Employee Expenses
  • Shared custody, new rules

Look over tax return to determine paying taxes, or qualify for deductions.

4. Help reduce your taxes payable

If you are paying taxes, like to PAY LESS TAXES we look over past years to see if you claimed all the deductions for you.  Then help you with advice you may need in filing and paying taxes.

5. Advise you on planning for the future

You can look over tax returns early to decide if you are paying more taxes or deferring taxes by using RRSP unused contributions.

If you cannot afford an RRSP, you can take out a loan, save for retirement or buy first home.   It is easier to pay taxes by filing your tax returns – with us.

Learn more about new requirements – reporting Principle Residents and tax on private corporations.

6. Small Business deadline June 15

Now is a good time for Small Business Owners, Partnerships or Corporation to get bookkeeping update so you can be ready for filing and paying GST/HST, PST, Payroll and Workers Compensation on time.

We can assist you in filing yearend for your small business we make sure you tax are filed by deadlines.

7. We can REPRESENT you on tax matters

Having difficulty in resolving tax discrepancies on filed returns.  Many people get nervous about dealing with the government.    We can be your representative in filling your taxes and making payments.  This time of year, can be anxiety provoking – especially if you need get caught up on your taxes.

Your bookkeeper can help you set up your payroll systems, manage deductions and register for WCB.

Why not use our service? It’s efficient and affordable – with no hidden costs

At Hands on Accounting, we offer affordable tax services.  We do a thorough job on your tax return by gathering all the facts and determining the best options for you.

With the new changes in electronically filing your taxes with direct deposit, you can get your TAX REFUND in approximately 8 business days from the filing date – prior years will take a few more days.

We are offering a worry-free tax service starting at $75.00.

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