HAPPY VALENTINE! Taxes Returns and Bookkeeping

NEED HELP filing your personal taxes for 2018 or prior years, we are open for the new tax season starting filing taxes 11 February 2021.

We prepare all the tax returns, if you have not filed your tax returns in the last 10 years.?

Personal income tax returns are due by April 30 unless otherwise determine.

Don’t delay! Bring your taxes to us, Today!  

You can use one of the many software available to file your tax returns.

While you can still send in paper returns, you can no longer use the telephone to file your taxes. The preferred method is electronic filing and you can use one of the many programs available to NETFILE your taxes.

Or you can let us look after your tax return for you!

Help you find missing tax information for credit or tax filers, don’t delay bring the paperwork today.

Are you a new client if you want to get started, here is Represent Form, so we can get started in preparing your taxes?

All prior years are 2010 to 2020, we will arrange a meeting to discuss taxes and pick-up the paperwork.

We review every return to verify and confirm your information, check for errors and look for ways you can save on your taxes.

Not sure how to complete your tax return?

You are not alone! We can do the calculation and filing your tax returns for you. Many people get nervous about dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We can also communicate with CRA for you – so you don’t have to.

We will be more than happy to complete your 2020. 2019, 2018. 2017, 2016, review of 2010 or prior year tax returns for you and your family.

If you owe taxes, we can help you find ways to reduce or defer what you owe.

Small business filing deadline is June 15

Now is a good time for small business owners or partnerships to get your bookkeeping updated so you can be ready for the June 15 filing deadline.  A bookkeeper can help you keep your profits in your business, and save you time so you can focus on running your business.

For more information, see our bookkeeping services and our tax return services.

Set up your free consultation by contacting Ina by appointment 604 314-8395.   Today!

Let Us Help File Your Taxes

We review taxes, so you have a better understanding in qualifying for deductions or tax credits and advise on tax matters – using tax shelters, affordable tax services;

  • Basic Tax Return $125.00 ea. and up
  • Business Statements Tax Return $250.00* ea.

All Your Tax Returns to us, so you can get caught up on your taxes.

To Learn more *about our tax services, contact Ina.

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