Celebrating Historical Moments BC Day

Happy British Columbia Day!

We are wishing you

all the best

on this August long weekend.

If you are lucky to have the day off on 7 August 2017, you and your family can visit the many historical sites.

Historical Moments of BC?

You can take in the historical sites, or take the time to reflect on your goals for your personal and/or careers.

To cool off with a splash in one of many water parks, swimming pools, or take a stroll along the sea walls such as Stanly Park, Lonsdale Quay, New West Quay or Steveston Park.

The Summer Of 2017 is a blessing with the hot summer days.

It is the time of change as August is here – many autumn colours – fall is near.

If we work hard focusing on our dreams. It’s possible – through determination, strong will, and resilience – to develop our careers and build our businesses.

When I think about it is time for back to school, college to reflect on the many opportunities available to all British Columbia’s.

Let’s us celebrate the many historical moments!

I’ve often thought of the history of the many province’s and territories to learn more about our country.

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