MORE HELP!  Professional Collections – Behind On Payments

We help you get caught up when you are behind on payments.

As a business in trades, rentals, real estate agent and/or construction – you are required to file taxes and pay on time.

This is our 3 months service agreement offer for advance collections processes to work with collection officers at:  Revenue Canada, Worker’s Compensation and/or GST/HST Sales Taxes, we can represent you on tax matters; we will;

  •   Negotiate payment plans
  •   Provide advice on reducing debt load
  •   Make recommendations to avoid collections

All is need from you is your cooperation in dealing with the agencies, governments, collection or anyone else you need help with.

You can use this quarterly service agreement one time, extend or repeat – Behind On Payments or Taxes.

To sign up for this service costs $550.00, *See more about bookkeeping fee, please Contact Ina