GET HELP! Year End payroll ending 2019?

Need Help! Having trouble calculating your payroll?

How is your employee net pay calculate with employment expenses?

Arriving at net pay for your employee’s pay period is different what goes on employee expenses?

Are you a licensed real estate agent, the salesperson on a salary/commission or truck driver?

Deducting out of pocket expenses are travel related for vehicle, tools or meals.

Keep all receipts for these expenses.

Completing the Employee Expenses form.

You may be able to deduct all or a portion of your cell, home, auto, computer, and internet.

Employment Expenses Form

The Employee Expense form is a questionnaire to be completed by your employer,

  • If you require an employee to travel away from the place of employment
  • Are you paying commissions to your employees or consultants?
  • Do you understand the limitation of employment expenses on commissions/
  • How are you calculating your apprentices, expenses?

These are out-of-pocket expenses for business purposes are recorded, so you can deduct these expenses on your tax returns.

Are you an apprentice for a mechanic?

You are working for a mechanic vehicle, machinery or equipment.   A logbook of all trips taken is used to determine allowable expenses,

  • Tools*

Are you a long-haul truck driver?

You are working for a trucking company for transporting goods/services for short or long-hauls.   A logbook of all trips taken is used to determine allowable expenses, more expenses qaulify if the truck weight is more than 11,788 kg – more than 160km each trip.  ***Other transporting industries have employee expenses are; Taxi Drives, Railway, Airline, Forestry and Artists ***Not included in this article, more information contact Ina.

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