Do you need help with Capital Gains/Losses – tax return?

Do you have a capital gains, investments, property for you personally or a business?

Many people don’t understand how capital gains or losses work on their investments or property.

Not sure if you have capital assets?

You own capital assets if you own stocks, shares or property.  There are many rules on reporting:

  • Carry back or forward Capital Losses
  • Principal Residency changes for 2016
  • Arts, Coins, Stamps and Jewelry
  • Bonds and Treasury Bills
  • Dividends, Interest and Mutual Funds

We can look after the tracking of investments for you – all you need to do is gather all your receipts into piles for each calendar year.   If you are looking for advise on pensions.

Don’t want to pay taxes on gains?

We can help you reduce taxes payable on your investments, do you have various types of interest, dividends, capital gains/losses you need someone to sort for you.

You will need to understand how you can be making money in one year NOT in the next years.

You can apply certain types of capital losses back or forward against capital gains.   However, you must have taxable income for this to work and look at the tax consequences in making changes to prior years.

If you do not (or cannot) pay your taxes on time, we can explain any penalties you may be subject to and help you avoid as many as possible.

Don’t have the time to review investments?

We can help your work will all your slips, receipts for your employment, business, rental or other income.

We can represent you on tax matters, bring your taxes to us.

Let us help you get caught up

We have worked with many taxpayers and businesses have paid too much taxes, failure to plan in reporting capital gains. The portfolio is too large or business assets to report to the government. The quicker you act, the better your tax situation.

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