Doing your own bookkeeping? Ask Questions

If you’re doing your own accounting and don’t have training as a bookkeeper, it can be easy to make mistakes that negatively impact your business.

We can help you naviagate the bookkeeping with our “Accounting Review Check Up”.

1. Keeping deadlines payments on time

Do you have MONEY to pay your taxes? For more information: what you need to know about government deadlines.

2. Incorporating your business or filing for GST/HST too early

We can help you with filing and reporints,  For more information: Do I need to register for GST?

3. We review the entries for you

We are looking to help you with the bookkeeping review of your QuickBooks Online entries, by helping with the reconcilations of accounts.

6. Not having a budget

This can lead to a high overhead and not having cash to pay taxes, replace equipment or meet expenses.

7. Trying to do everything yourself!

Free up your time to run your business and get someone else to look after your books. An experienced professional won’t make the above mistakes and they can do your books more accurately and efficiently than you can.

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