Do I need to register for GST?

It depends.

When is GST/HST registration voluntary?

  • if you are a for-profit business AND your revenue does not exceed $30,000 in a single year
  • if you are a “public service body” AND your revenue does not exceed $50,000 in a single year

Keep in mind that a “single year” is any 4 consecutive quarters. You will need to calculate this amount at the end of each quarter to ensure that you haven’t crossed the threshold.

When you are not registered for GST/HST, you don’t charge it to your customers. You also cannot claim back any “Input Tax Credits” on your purchases.

When is GST/HST registration mandatory?

  • Your revenue exceeds the threshold amount in a single year – defined as 4 consecutive quarters.
  • Once you cross the threshold, you have 29 days to register and begin collecting GST/HST.

Then what?

After you register for GST/HST,

  1. you must collect it on all taxable sales.
  2. You are eligible to claim “Input Tax Credits” for any GST/HST you pay on business purchases.
  3. You need to file a GST/HST return – monthly, quarterly or annually.
  4. You must wait one year before unregistering the GST/HST account if you are no longer liable.

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