I'm an expert in bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes for real estate businesses. So when I bought my first home, I decided to do it myself. But it turns out that accounting skills aren't much help at negotiating a sale! There were a LOT of surprises in home ownership, and most were not just unpleasant, but expensive. Need help with Bookkeeping as an Real Estate Agent.
Are you stressed and overwhelmed by complex sales tax calculations?  Hands on Accounting is your tax filing expert helping small business owners to avoid […]
If you are working in the construction industry as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mechanic or other type of trade, here’s what you need to […]
There are many places you can sell your tax return to get an instant refund. Is this a good idea? Keep these points in mind.
Need help filing your personal taxes for 2021 or prior years? We are open for the new tax season. Personal income tax returns are […]
Should you invest in an RRSP? How much? What about Registered Pension Plans? Learn how these can reduce your income taxes.
January is a good time to hire a bookkeeper to help with your reporting for the past year. If you need help with payroll, pension contributions and bookkeeping.
Do you have a capital gains, investments, property for you personally or a business? Many people don't understand how capital gains or losses work on their investments or property.
While you're busy building your reputation as a top real estate agent, Hands on Accounting can look after your bookkeeping and personal tax returns.
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