I'm an expert in bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes for real estate businesses. So when I bought my first home, I decided to do it myself. But it turns out that accounting skills aren't much help at negotiating a sale! There were a LOT of surprises in home ownership, and most were not just unpleasant, but expensive. Need help with Bookkeeping as an Real Estate Agent.
Here to help you understand bookkeeping is one of the simplest, easies and most inexpensive to outsource, for you company but costly if not done properly.
Learn the difference between the two roles. Find out whether your business needs an accountant or a bookkeeper - or both.
If you’re doing your own accounting and don’t have training as a bookkeeper, it can be easy to make mistakes that negatively impact your […]
If you are a business owner who finds the bookkeeping process difficult to understand, you’re not alone.  When it comes to understanding all the requirements involved in managing your organizations books, many small business
While you're busy building your reputation as a top real estate agent, Hands on Accounting can look after your bookkeeping and personal tax returns.
Need Help! Having trouble calculating your payroll? How is your employee net pay calculate with employment expenses? Arriving at net pay for your employee’s […]
Hire the Right bookkeeper, everything will fall into place. Do you understand bookkeeping? Many people do not understand what bookkeeping is? It is more […]
Are making smarter financial decision with money management? When you decide to sell your property or receive an tax free  inheritance. Do you know […]
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