Bookkeeping for real estate agents and property rental companies

When I kept my first home and bought another, I discovered how important it was to work with the right Realtor.

The agents professional service and advice guided me through both the sale and purchase process. Their honest negotiating skills meant that I paid a fair price for my second home and sold it for a profit.

Realtors are experts at buying and selling homes.

I’m an expert in bookkeeping, payroll and taxes for real estate businesses.

While you’re busy building your reputation as a top real estate agent, Hands on Accounting can look after your bookkeeping and personal tax returns.

We take the figures you provide and turn them into an accurate reporting of the business NET PROCEEDS. We always do an in depth review to make sure that you can reduce any taxes owed or get a larger refund.

For employees of real estate companies

We take your gross earnings and calculate your taxes with all the employee expense deductions that you are entitled to if you are earning salary plus commissions.

We can help you with your sales taxes for federal and/or provincial.

If you owe taxes, we can help you find ways to reduce or defer what you owe.

For owners of real estate companies

We can look after all of your bookkeeping needs – keeping your expenses up to date and helping with current or capital expenditures.

If you have employees, we can look after your payroll as well.

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