Are you making smart financial decisions?

Are making smarter financial decision with money management?

When you decide to sell your property or receive an tax free  inheritance.

Do you know where to put your money?

Your home is an investment which you have treasured for many years? living lower mainland mortgage free or making payments?

Need to know how selling your home – mortgage free and no other hidden debts, then you are not alone in requiring advise on what to do will the rewards from your home. Paying yourself first and pay off all your bills, credit cards or bank the cash into low RISK GIC.

I am good a money management is providing advise to others this year 2018, is all about CHANGING UP my bookkeeping services in offering something around money management.  You can look an investment income in hold in GIC is low risk or take more risk looking at mutual funds, stocks and other investments.

What selling property?

It this is your principals’ residences you are a Canada citizen – you will be looking at capital gains or losses for tax shelters.

Are you deciding if you are going to sell your home – did not live in during the year.  You will be required to pay capital gains on the selling Real Property.

What selling real foreign property?

All depending on the country your property is located, you need to declare the rental income on your Canada taxes, if you take up resident in Canada.

Need to know about foreign taxes on selling your foreign property is not your principal resident, if the other country has a tax treaty with Canada.  Then you will not be double taxed.  The foreign tax you pay with work as a credit in Canada.

Are you deciding if you are going to sell your home – did not live in during the year.  You will be required to pay

Need help? Money Management Income – 2nd where money going

You have worked for many years in are receiving retirement income, what happens sell your home in deferring you taxes payable.

We can help you understand the rules about change the status of your resident to income.  The capital gains on selling on your personal or real property.

Keep in mind that your financial institutional can help you will the forms on some foreign income, such as your pensions.

For more information – or to get your tax return done for you – contact Ina.


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