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We take care of your bookkeeping in setting up QuickBooks, look after the bookkeeping for you

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If you are doing your own bookkeeping with have our ” Accounting Review Check-ups” an in-depth review the bookkeeping accounts, so you reports are ready for the accountant. If you need us to catch up on your bookkeeping we have this as a separate services.


You are a bookkeeper working as a contract/employee or owner, the accountant has provided you with the year-end report.  When your accountant doesn’t have time to help you with new update for payments for prior and current year.  These services are one way you can get help, how to apply the

  • Sales Tax
  • Corporation Taxes
  • Year End Entries

Don’t know how to apply payments to the sales tax or corporation taxes? We help in showing you how to do the entries.   If you need to help with  journal, ledger updates we can do this for you, so that the file is ready to send to the accountant.

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